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Latest Graphic Design Project – Tradeshow Booth Wall

tradeshow booth backdrop designTrent Studios, LLC was recently commissioned by Cantitoe Road to design a wall/backdrop for their trade-show booth.

Cantitoe Road wanted to highlight a neat hub/lighting system. The hub is installed in the front wheel and, when the wheel is rotating, it charges either the light or any USB device, such as an iPhone or iPod. The hub also has an option to disengage, so there’s less resistance when you don’t need to be charging anything. And the light stays lit up to 4 minutes after you stop. In case you’re stopped at a stop light or for a train, you still have lights.

We thought a great way to show the hub charging the light and/or USB device would be to show electricity and lightning revolving around the hub, up the wires to the light, then on to an iPod. Put that blue electricity/lightning on a black background and it really pops. It should look great at 8′ tall.

Cantitoe Road offers other products, which are highlighted in the right 25% of the piece. The light shining through the black, onto the remaining 25% of the wall, ties the two sections together.

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