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Children’s Menu Design & Illustration

frontRight Coast Pizza recently approached us with a fantastic graphic design project. They wanted a kid’s menu – something that would mesh with their current branding, but be kid-friendly and keep the youngsters busy with activities during their meal. Our first impulse was to design the menu in black and white to allow kids to get as creative as they’d like with color. We also wanted to incorporate a couple of pizza-related games and activities, so we came up with a simple word search, maze, and a “build-your-own-pizza” coloring activity to accompany the list of children’s menu items. We also included some tic-tac-toe boards and a Right Coast themed word jumble. To add personality, we created a fun, original character for Right Coast named “Jersey” who just wants to get some pizza! We predict he will be making a future appearance on their kid-specific materials. Happy coloring kiddos!


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