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Logo design is one of our greatest passions here at Trent Studios. So much goes into the development of a logo: it expresses the unique personality of a company, while communicating who they are, what they do, or how they are different from their competition. A well-designed logo follows a company for its entire life, so the value of a strong logo cannot be over emphasized. It is used on business cards, storefronts, letterhead, websites, merchandise… it’s reproduced on almost every piece of printed or digital material associated with the company. We recently created three different logos for three very different companies.



Right Coast Pizza

Right Coast Pizza originally came to us for a menu design, and left with an entire company rebrand – new logo, new colors, new website, new business cards, new print materials, etc. We love their retro logo design! It expresses the company’s personality, while also setting their mark apart from all the “Pizza-and-beer” icons we’ve seen used at small local pizza joints in the area.



Longboard Physics

logo-longboard-physicsWe also just finished a logo for an incredibly cool Colorado company – Longboard Physics. The small local company specializes in creating custom longboards that are built with motion-mechanics in mind to give the long-boarder the “perfect ride”. After long hours of research and sketching without success, the solution came like a lightning bolt! It was one of those rare moments where the perfect answer became overwhelmingly obvious in an instant.

Trent Studios’ designer combined the symbolic treatment of the atom with the abstracted shape of a longboard to create a mark that expresses both the science and the function of Longboard Physics’ products. Longboard Physics owner Brad requested purple for the logo, and we think it works well for the design. This playful visual is fresh, fun, and clever while communicating the company’s purpose. Does your logo work that hard for your company?

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