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Horse & Dragon Brewing Company logo designWe are extremely excited to unveil our most recent project. For the last month, Trent Studios has been collaborating with Tim and Carol Cochran on a new identity project. The couple plans to launch their new Fort Collins craft brewery – named “Horse and Dragon Brewing Company” – in early 2014 and we couldn’t be more honored to have worked with them to create their brewery’s identity.
As Horse and Dragon Brewing Company is founded on the ideas of strength, balance, unity, and the melding of eastern and western ideologies, we needed to come up with a logo that somehow conveyed these founding principles. After many long hours of sketching and brainstorming sessions the idea suddenly became acutely obvious – the ampersand.
The ampersand organically combines the two main figures (the western horse and the eastern dragon) into one symbol. Both creatures are traditional symbols of strength. The dragon’s body balances on its mid-back, wrapping up and around the horse to form the Caslon-esque ampersand. When looking at the symbol alone, the two figures communicate, literally, “Horse AND Dragon”.
One of the most creative, challenging, and fun parts of this project was burying meaningful symbolism about both the product (beer) and the region (northern colorado) into the piece. For example, the chinese dragon is traditionally depicted chasing a flaming pearl; referencing a staple ingredient in beer, we exchanged that pearl for a hop bud. While there are a couple of other embedded symbols in the logo, we won’t spoil them for you. To learn more about the logo, its creation, or the symbolism hidden in the design, you’ll have to wait until the brewery’s grand opening. Cozy up to the bar at Horse and Dragon with a cold pint of beer, and ask Tim or Carol if they will reveal the rest.

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