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Pick a Font. Any Font.

During the course of a given project at Trent Studios, we spend a lot of time considering the motivation behind the design choices we make. Making decisions arbitrarily is not in our nature. We like to consider the underlying reason we might make take a certain approach, include a specific symbol, or use a certain color.
Typography is one very powerful element that can make or break a good design, and we put a lot of thought into our typographic decisions. In any project that involves the use of type, we will often curate a list of contestants – these serifs, these sans-serif, these display fonts, these scripts fonts, etc – and narrow them down to a short-list of front runners. In creating our list of potential winners, we take into consideration the “gender” of the font (is it masculine? feminine? neutral?), the weight, its readability, the contrast, the X-height, the ascenders and descenders, the shapes of the serifs (if any), and we even consider the typographic style from which it originated (or that inspired it) and the history surrounding that period. It is not a matter of simply picking a font we “like”. Its a matter of selecting a font that serves a purpose and helps the design effectively communicate its mood and/or message.
What about you? How do you select the typefaces you use? Do you favor certain typefaces and styles over others? Do you have a “go-to” font for certain projects? Speak your mind and share your thoughts about typography by leaving a comment below!

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