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Email Newsletter Design for The Tea Table

email newsletter design for The Tea TableWe’ve been designing The Tea Table’s email newsletters for years. We design it and we send it from their own website using a free, open source, email newsletter system called phpList.

The Tea Table knows that email newsletters should be short and sweet, and should have pictures. After-all, pictures speak louder than words, right?

There should be one clear message. That message should be at the top, because we read from the top down.

We build The Tea Table’s newsletters with links at the top and bottom so subscribers can unsubscribe or change their email address. You don’t want someone to get your newsletter if they don’t want it. They’ll just report you to the spam police and you’ll be blacklisted and you’ll have someone that doesn’t like you.

If you force someone to take something, they won’t want it or like it.

We also include buttons and links so subscribers can purchase or learn more about the products.

The pictures in the newsletters are not embedded, nor are they attachments. Some ISPs ( Internet Service Provider, such as Comcast ) block attachments.

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