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How to format your Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keyword tags for good SEO.

1. Title Tag
This is the format: phrase one – phrase two – phrase three – phrase four
The divider doesn’t really matter. Dash (-) or pipe (|) or whatever.

a. if there is a brand name that you carry, use it. For example, “Celestial Seasonings”. If this is a well known brand name, include it first in your Title tag. Brand names instill a sense of security for your customers.

b. Limit length to 65 characters (including spaces) or less

c. When you’re thinking about what keyword phrases to use, put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. What keyword phrase(s) would they search for to find your site.

The latest idea is to not repeat the same word or words in the same tag. For example, do not do this in your Title tag: “loose leaf tea – green loose leaf tea – black loose leaf tea”.
Do this instead: “loose leaf tea – green – black”.
My tests concluded that this technique did not work on a short-term basis.

2. Meta Description:
There should be some matches between a Title tag, the Meta Description tag, the Meta Keyword tag, and the regular product or category or page description.
In other words, the same keyword phrase(s) should be in all four places.

If the Title tag includes ‘Celestial Seasonings’, so should the Meta-Description, so should the regular product or page or category description.

The Meta Description looks like this: The Tea Company carries a wide variety of loose leaf tea including Celestial Seasonings tea.

3. Meta Keywords:
Google says they ignore the keyword tag, but if you really want to use it, please continue reading.
The Meta Keyword tag should include keywords and keyword phrases that pertain to the page it’s on.
Do not use single words. For example: tea, loose, bag.
The Meta Keyword tag looks like this: Celestial Seasonings tea, loose leaf tea, full leaf tea

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