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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of People Unsubscribing

unsubscribeIt’s difficult to see people unsubscribe from your email list. I know. It feels like someone doesn’t want to be your friend anymore. After all, you want to see people subscribe, not unsubscribe, right?

Actually, you want both.

You do not want subscribers that are not interested in what you have to say or what you’re selling.

It’s unrealistic to expect people to only subscribe and always stay interested in what you have to say. People change, or change their email address, or move, or situations change.

You want are people that are sincerely interested in what you have to say or sell. Bottom line.

Those people that unsubscribe from your email list, are not interested in what you have to say, for whatever reason, and you need to let them go. Focus on those that DO want to hear what you have to say or sell.

How do you feel when someone tries to sell something to you that you don’t want? You start to not like that person, right? That’s how they feel if they don’t want your newsletter but you keep sending it to them.

Below are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of letting people unsubscribe from your email mailing list.

1. Keeps you off of blacklists!

If you send emails to people that are not interested in what you’re selling or what you have to say, they’re going to resent you or report you to the spam cops. It’s no fun trying to find out which blacklist(s) you’re on. I’ve done it. You have to find out which one you’re on, then ask and wait to be removed. They may not remove you immediately, either. The blacklisting service or company may ask for proof that you’re not sending spam. It can be struggle. I can think of many other things I’d rather be doing than fighting with blacklisting companies.

2. Saves you time, space, and energy!

A clean, lean list of subscribers is valuable. If you let people subscribe themselves, in an easy way, you always know you have a good list of subscribers. You know all of them want to hear from you. Don’t waste your time, or server space, talking to people that don’t want to hear from you or care about what you have to say. Your message is falling on def ears. It’s no fun to wade through a list of subscribers wondering if any email addresses have changes or if they exist anymore, or if you should send your message to all of them or not.

Keep in mind, the more subscribers on your list, the more space at your hosting provider that list takes up, therefore, the more money you’ll have to pay to keep that list. It’s small. A few email addresses in a database doesn’t take-up much space, but it’s good to keep it clean.

3. Saves you money!

What if you’re using a sending service, like Constant Contact or iContact, that charges you depending upon the size of your list? Those people that don’t want to hear from you are now costing you money! If you let them go, you’ll have a smaller mailing list and it may bump you down a level, saving you some dough. If you have, say, 2055 subscribers, and the maximum number of subscribers you can send to, free of charge, is 2000 but 56 of those don’t want to be on your list anymore, if you take those people off your list or stop sending to them, your number of subscribers will drop below that 2000 mark, therefore, saving you money.

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