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Website Redesign for Local Card Maker

website redesign for wabi-wareI designed Peggy’s first website back in 2008. With mobile technology on the rise, it was time for a website redesign. The new website design uses WordPress, a customized StudioPress theme that’s mobile-responsive, and NextGen Gallery Pro.

The Wabi-Ware name comes from Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese world-view of imperfection. Peggy feels the new website design, as with the previous design I did in 2008, accurately represents, not only the Wabi-Sabi idea, but also her greeting cards. The website redesign is very simple and uses Peggy’s own torn paper in the background. The images in the slider on the home page, are png’s with transparent backgrounds, so you can see the torn edges overlapping. It is also a more graphic-based design, than the original 2008 design. After all, it is all about the artwork that is the greeting card.

Because the website is built using one of StudioPress’ mobile-responsive themes, it can easily be viewed on tablets and smart phones, as well as on computers and laptops.

The new website is also easier to navigation and view her handmade greeting cards. Just click or touch on the “Wares” link in the menu to browse the various categories.

The new website also features a “News” or blog page. This is where Peggy will be posting news and updates.

As with all websites I build, I test them on tablets and smart phones, as well as in all major browsers on Windows and Mac.

Peggy said this today: “I am increasingly pleased with my ability to navigate around the website, create sub-pages, now I can do the gallery management better.  So, all together, it’s become what you and I had envisioned and hoped for those many months ago – a beautiful site, one I can easily add card images to.

Visit her website at http://www.wabiware.com/

And let me know if you need a website redesign.

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