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2014 40 in the Fort Photos

2014-40-in-the-fort-racer83On June 28th was the 4th annual 40 in the Fort race. It’s a mountain bike endurance race in Fort Collins, Colorado, that consists of 40 miles (two 20 mile laps) of mostly rough mountain bike trails.  Each lap has nearly 4,500 feet of climbing. I’ve ridden most of the route, just not all at once, and definitely not in any sort of a hurry. This year, I thought I’d take a few 40 in the Fort photos, over 500, actually. I didn’t plan on taking that many, I just wanted to get great shots for the racers. Plus, I really enjoy mountain biking and taking pictures of the sport.

To find great places to take pictures from, I rode the first 10 miles of the route. I found several spots that were good locations that would make for good angles of the racers. Since this is a 2-lap race, I could choose 2 locations and probably get at least 2 shots of each racer. I didn’t want to use a flash or reflective boards. I didn’t think the racers would appreciate being blinded while descending down a technical section, so I left that stuff at home. Instead, I made sure I was between the racer and the sun. That way, I’m using natural light to light-up my subject. The polarizing filter made the sky and clouds stand-out. And thanks to Adobe Lightroom, if there are shadows that need to be lightened, it’s no problem.

It was about an hour from the time the first rider past me to when the last rider rode by. For the second lap, it took about an hour and a half. This meant, I couldn’t leave my position for over 2 hours, collectively. It was getting warm, there were flies, my butt was about 8″ from a cactus, and my legs were starting to cramp. (I wanted to get good angles, so sometimes I got real close to the ground)

I’ve started a new website – CameronWayPhoto.com – to house these photos and other photos I will be taking. Racers, or anyone, can view photos, and purchase and download high resolution, digital files. I used my 36 megapixel Nikon D800 camera and my 28-300 Nikkor zoom lens with a polarizing filter. I’m really pleased with how both the camera and the lens performed.

For a limited time, I’m offering 25% off the first digital download. 50% off 2 or more downloads.

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