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Retro Logo Design for Housecall Veterinarian

retro logo design for Loveland Veterinary Housecall PracticeDr. Archer came to me with an idea of what she wanted her logo design to look like – an impression, or a feeling, of what she wanted it to give. She also pointed-out that she liked the design of another retro-style logo she had seen. She wanted her retro logo design to have an old-time, house-call style to it. She knew she wanted an old Chevy pick-up in it and a dog. Since she also treats cats, so I thought there should be a cat in it. We played around with a few dog breeds and fur colors. In the end, the light brown Labrador looked best against the light blue pick-up.

We looked at a few different angles of the pick-up. Her initial idea was showing more of the side of the pick-up. I thought showing an equal amount of both the side and the front would look best. She agreed. I presented her with a few ideas. Some of the ideas included a ribbon. With the old Chevy pick-up, we thought the red ribbon was a good match.

When you looked at her new retro logo design, I wanted it to convey two things: (1) she will come to you and (2) she will give your pet the respect and attention they deserve and not rush things or miss anything.

I took her idea, proposed some ideas of my own, and produced a retro logo design she really likes, and one that conveys everything she wanted it to.

Growing-up on the farm, my dad had, and still does, this exact 1949 Chevy pick-up, so I’m already familiar with that style.

The final logo file included the detailed version you see here, a more simplified one without the gradients and transparent window, and two grey-scale versions. I also always include the Pantone color numbers, CMYK values, RGB values, and web-safe hex color values, and the fonts names.

When Dr. Archer came to review the first round of the draft ideas, she said she was ready to not like them. I was happy to disappoint her. 🙂 She liked them very much.

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