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Website Redesign for Local Jeweler

website redesign - Dawson's Fine Jewelry - before and afterA few years ago my wife and I bought our wedding rings from Gregg at Dawson’s Fine Jewelry. I stopped-by the other day to say ‘Hi’ to Gregg and to see how he was doing. He mentioned he was frustrated because the website software he was using, iWeb, wasn’t available anymore and he couldn’t update his website. He wanted to take some time off, but didn’t feel like he should because he couldn’t edit his website with his new hours of operation.

I told him about WordPress, that it’s really easy to use, is well supported, and that I could design him a new website with it. He was very interested, wanted an estimate, and wanted to see a few website redesign ideas.

A few days later, I presented him with a few website designs, based upon his recommendations and his industry. I also visited his competitor’s websites to see what they were doing. His previous website had several jewelry images on each page. Instead of showing several images at once, I thought a better idea would be to have a slider, or slideshow. This way, it’s interactive and entertaining, and the end-user can control it with their mouse, keyboard, or finger on smart phones and tablets. Gregg liked this idea. I knew of a few slider plug-ins for WordPress, so I implemented the best one for the job. It works on computers and it’s mobile-responsive (works on smart phones and tablets).

One website design idea I came-up with, had the jewelry taking-up the entire background. The jewelry really stood-out. It took center stage. Another design had an all white background and the jewelry seemed to float on the website. I thought it looked really neat. The only problem was, all the jewelry needed to be shot on a white background, or cut-out on the computer.

In the end, Gregg choose a website design that had a more constrained slider and a more classical feel to it.

Now, with WordPress, Gregg can edit his own site, again, and he doesn’t have to worry about it going away. WordPress is the most popular content management system (C.M.S.) available today. There are thousands of themes and plug-ins available for WordPress and just about any hosting provider will host a WordPress site, including yours truly. 🙂

After we launched his new website, I showed Gregg how to edit a page and edit a slider. He was surprised how little there was to it.

As with every website design I work on, I made Gregg’s mobile-responsive and search engine friendly.

I stressed to Gregg the importance of keeping his new WordPress site’s software up-to-date. He asked if I could do that for him. So, whenever there’s an update, whether to WordPress itself or a theme or a plug-in installed, first I back-up his site (in case something goes wrong) with BackupBuddy then I install all available updates. Keeping your WordPress site up-to-date is important, because sometimes vulnerabilities are found in software and patches are released. Software, such as WordPress, a theme, or a plug-in, need to be updated immediately.

It’s been a real pleasure working with Gregg. I’m sure his new website will serve him well. Check it out at DawsonsFineJewelry.com

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