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Old Town Square Properties’ New Website Gives Them Control

Old Town Square Properties’ new website lets them make changes to it whenever they want.

When they wanted to update their previous website, they were at the mercy of their previous hosting provider, which is who made the changes. Old Town Sq. would email them their changes and wait, sometimes for days. The changes might get done the same day or next week. They just didn’t know. Nobody wants old information, especially when someone is waiting for an apartment to become available.

Now, whenever Old Town Sq. wants to make a change, they simply log-in to their website and make the change. Whether it’s to show that an apartment is available, or adjust a price, or update the image gallery for a unit.

Smart Phone Friendly

Their previous website also wasn’t mobile-responsive. If you were to pull-up their old website on a smart phone, it was tiny. You couldn’t see anything without pinching and zooming. According to Pew Research, almost two-thirds of cell owners go online using their smart phones. Because their new website is mobile-responsive, whether you’re on a smart phone, or tablet, or computer, the site is big enough to see and use.



The new website also puts the visitor in control. Let’s say a college student only wants to see 1 bedroom apartments. The sorting feature of Old Town Sq.’s new website let’s the visitor only see 1 bedroom apartments. If the student wants to see all that’s available, they can choose to only see rentals that are available and not see ones that aren’t available.


New Image Gallery

The new image gallery let’s the visitor see photos and floor plans, so they can pick the right apartment, townhome, or condo. This, too Old Town Sq. can update. They can add new photos or floor plans, or remove old ones, with just a click of a button.


New Secure Rental Application

Visitors can also securely submit a rental application through the new website. Their previous website had a rental application form on it, but it wasn’t secure, and it was intimidating because it was a long form and it was on one page. The new rental application form on their website is secure, thanks to an SSL certificate we installed, and we broke the form up into 8 smaller forms, so the form doesn’t look so intimidating. There is a convenient progress bar at the top so the visitor can see what step they’re on.old-town-square-properties-application

We were able to give them a new website, with a new website design, that’s mobile-responsive, secure, and one that they can maintain themselves.


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