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New Website Design for Loveland Housecall Veterinarian

new website design housecall veterinarianAfter I designed the retro logo for Dr. Archer, it was time to design her website. When I’m working on website design ideas, I like to consider the company’s logo. If a logo has, for example, a rigid, corporate feel to it, I will present at least one website design that also has a rigid, corporate feel to it.

The logo I designed for Dr. Archer was somewhat symmetrical with the ribbon going across the top, so I thought it made sense that the website also be symmetrical.

I presented Dr. Archer with 4 different website design ideas. One design was symmetrical, another one was really simple and open, yet another design was more clinical, and the last design was more artsty.

When Dr. Archer saw the symmetrical design, she knew immediately that that was the design she wanted. She thought it worked well with her new logo.

As with every new WordPress website I build, I start with securing it. It’s very important to me that your WordPress website be impenetrable to hackers. There are several things I do to secure a WordPress website. Among those things are protecting sensitive php files and automatically locking-out users that repeatedly fail to log-in. A week or so later, bada-bing, bada-boom, she had a new website. It’s mobile-responsive, so it looks good and functions consistently on computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Dr. Archer can easily maintain her new website herself, because it’s built using WordPress.

Because I used the Genesis Framework by StudioPress, it’s flexible.

Another fun website to design, and another happy customer. Thanks, Dr. Archer!

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