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Peggy S. of Fort Collins, CO

For years Trent Studios has created and hosted my website. We just created a new site responsive to mobile devices. Cameron worked closely with me, listening to what I wanted and collaborating until we found an appearance I wanted and then a technology for me to upload my own images of my products. Over the years, even though it seems we may speak a different language at times, Cameron has been patient and thoughtful, deliberative until we ended up with web pages with an aesthetic and functionality that matched what I was envisioning for my site.

Since I make hundreds and hundreds of custom cards that are one-of-a-kind, I needed a system to keep changing out images and inserting new types of cards for new shops and new customers. I now have that and am delighted with Cameron’s skills, his advice and guidance along the way, and his thoughtful demeanor which invites questions and collaboration. Peggy Short, Ph.D., Wabi-Ware Custom Cards

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