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2015 Laramie Enduro Photos

2015 Laramie Enduro photos are up on my photography website at CameronWayPhoto.com

laramie enduro 2015

Although I’ve ridden parts of the Laramie Enduro course, I’ve never ridden the entire course all at once. That’s just self abuse! I congratulate anyone who attempts to ride the entire course.

To refresh my memory of the course, Friday afternoon I rode 10 miles of the course from road 707A going S.W. I came across lots of sand, a couple marshes, a rock slide, a couple steep climbs, tall grass where the trail is difficult to see, rocks to hike over, pasture, cows, and that was just 10 miles of the course! Image 70 miles of that and more?

Friday night, I camped off of road 708, which was also inhabited by cows. Lots of cows. Noisy cows. Cows curious about my tent. I didn’t get much sleep Friday night.

Saturday morning, I put my Nikon D800 (2lbs), 24-70mm f2.8 lens (2lbs) inside my biking backpack, which already has 50 ounces of water in it, a wrap for lunch, a few cookies, a few harvest bars, first aid kit, and other bike repair tools, spare tube, etc. I attached my camera tripod to the bottom of my pack, which weighs 7lbs. That’s a lot of weight for a bike backpack, then ride 3 miles in.

I was a little early getting to my position, about an hour and a half before riders started showing-up. Total, I was on the mountain over 6 hours taking 355 pictures. I got lots of great shots of the racers.

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