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Affordable Website Redesign for Local Band

tribu2 website redesign

Previous website was:

  1. Not mobile-friendly
  2. Not flexible (took too much to add features or sections)
  3. Outdated coding (HTML tables)
  4. Not search engine friendly (too much javascript in header)

New website is:

  1. Mobile-responsive
  2. Flexible
  3. Coding with modern HTML5, CSS3 standards
  4. Search engine friendly

TribU2 is a U2 tribute band in Fort Collins. I’ve been hosting their website for several years as part of my Managed WordPress Hosting. Recently, the guitarist, Andy, contacted me and asked if I could update the band’s website.


While I was updating their website, I noticed that it wasn’t mobile-responsive (mobile-friendly). I pointed that out to Andy and he asked what it would take to make their website mobile-friendly. There are plug-ins that produce a crude mobile version of your website, but that mobile version is typically just for phones. They aren’t really “mobile-responsive“.


I also noticed that the theme the band was using wasn’t very flexible. For example, if you wanted to add a new section to the home page, it was going to take a lot of time and money. The WordPress themes I like to use are more flexible and require less time to add new sections, for example. Can the lay person do it? Probably not, but it won’t take a WordPress developer or designer much time to add it. Have a look at the below screenshots. The one on the left is from their previous website. The one on the right is their new website, which shows by default many more options as far as placement of things on their home page.

limited widget areasPrevious website not only offered these few widget areas, but would take significantly more time to add more widget areas for the client.
more widget areas = more flexibilityNew website not only comes with many more widget areas, but is easier to add more widget areas.

Andy and I discussed the project and agreed upon a price and in about a week, they had an affordable website redesign that was mobile-responsive, more flexible, and had the look the band wanted.

Below are screenshots of the previous, non-mobile-friendly website, and their new mobile-responsive website. Notice that the text and menu in their previous website is difficult to read. The band’s previous website also made the visitor take additional steps (clicks or touches) to get to videos or audio samples. The new website brings content one step closer to their audience.

tribu2 non-mobile-friendly website
tribu2's affordable website redesign
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