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Logo Design for Local Dumpster Rental Company

americas roll-off service logo

America’s Roll-off Service initially came to me needing a website. While talking about their new website, I learned they didn’t have a logo, either. I typically like to design a website around a company’s logo, but since they didn’t have a logo, and they wanted a website immediately, I saved the logo for later.

The Goal:

Meeting with the owners of America’s Roll-off Service, they said they wanted a logo that had a patriotic look to it, had the colors red, white, and blue, and 13 stars. They also said they wanted a somewhat retro look to it. I like to design a logo that needs no explanation so the person looking at it can easily and quickly determine what the business is or does, so I thought it necessary to include a very simple illustration of a dumpster, or a truck and dumpster.

The Logo Designs:

Most of the time, I start my logo designs by sketching with pencil on paper. For me, the computer is just another tool, like a pen or a straight edge. I drew lots of dumpster boxes, trucks with dumpster boxes, ribbons, etc. Then I went to the computer and recreated the better ideas I had just sketched, added stars, and played with fonts. I don’t like to get too crazy with fonts. I think it’s a bad idea to have too many fonts, or use fonts that are difficult to read. I typically like no more than two fonts in a logo. Also, on the computer, I’ll introduce color. Since I already built their website, it was easy to pick the colors for their logo.

In the end, I showed America’s Roll-off Service a few logos to choose from. All of them had their initial requests. When I’m designing a logo, I make sure that any of them will work, but I always have my favorite…

America's Roll-Off Service logo sketches

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