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New Website for local Dumpster Rental Company

new website design for dumpster rental company

The Company:

America’s Roll-off Service, a dumpster rental company in Johnstown, Colorado, contacted me recently needing a website for their new business. Their business was well underway and they knew they needed a mobile-friendly website in order to compete in today’s digital and mobile world. They also needed their new website immediately. We met once over lunch to discuss their needs. The owners gave me creative liberty to design the website however I wanted but it needed to show ‘American patriotism’. They really wanted an American flag in the background. Other than that, I could design the website however I wanted to.

The Website Design Plan:

I like to base my website designs around the business’s logo. America’s Roll-off Service didn’t have a logo, so I offered to create one for them after I get their website built.

The owners sent me copy and images they had taken with their phone. The pictures from their phone were no good – there was too much debris in the background, the dumpsters weren’t in focus, the color was bad, etc. Being a photographer, as well as a website and graphic designer, I offered to take a few photos to help them get started. So, they brought their truck over with a dumpster on it and we took a few pictures. I wanted the dumpster to be the center of attention in the photos, in a clean environment so the viewer’s eye wasn’t distracted by debris.

Now that I had all the content I needed to build the website, aside from their logo, I got busy. A few days later, America’s Roll-off Service was very happy to have a new website for their new business. It was everything they wanted: affordable, quickly built, patriotic, mobile-friendly, and easy to use.

On to their logo design

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