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A simple way to see if an email is spam

Here’s how you can check to see if an email you got is spam or not, if it got through your spam filter.

I got this email the other day. Right off the bat I noticed it looks funny – there’s no punctuation in the first sentence, and it’s not even a complete sentence! That’s all I need. It’s junked right away.

But let’s look a little closer – the email looks like it’s from Apple, but a spammer can make an email can look like it’s from anyone, so don’t assume that the ‘from’ field is correct.

So here’s a simple way to check if an email is legit or spam:

If an email includes a link, instead of clicking on the link, right-click (or Control-click) to copy the link, then paste that into any program so you can see where the link was going to take you. Paste the link into something like Word or Notepad or another email, and look at the beginning of it. In the case of this lovely email I got the other day, the link was going to take me to:


At the beginning of the link it shows apple.com, but keep looking down the address. What you really want to look for is what’s in front of the last domain extension (.com, .net. etc.). In this case, it’s anakdesa.org

That’s not apple.com !!




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