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Corporate portraits with Spring Creek Dental a Success!

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I had a great time last month with the awesome folks at Spring Creek Dental taking their corporate portraits. I’ve been trusting them for my dental care for a few years, now. This year, they were trusting me to take their corporate portraits.

The Problem & Solution:

One of the doctors there showed me a photo that someone else had taken and pointed-out a problem with it – in a group of 12 or so people, the people on the outside of the group were not in focus (and I also noticed everyone was squinting from the harsh sun). I knew exactly what to do to fix both of these problems – a smaller aperture (e.g. f/11, f/16) so everyone is in focus, and either put the sun behind them or put them in the shade so the sun isn’t in their faces. In order to get that small aperture, I knew I needed lights. Powerful lights. Especially if I’m going to put people in front of the sun.


At the time of the photo shoot, I didn’t have battery-powered lights, but I knew the fine folks in the optics department at Jax had a battery-powered Elinchrom kit to rent, so I rented that for the photo shoot. The Elinchrom came with two batteries, which I needed because I took almost 300 photos in just a couple hours. It also came with two lights and two umbrellas.


Dr. Cosper said she wanted some corporate portraits inside their office and some outside at a neighboring park, of both individuals and groups. Before the photo shoot, I took a look at the office to find the best location, then I walked to the park to do the same. At the park I found two huge pine trees which would work great for blocking the sun. We took the outside group shots there. I used the Elinchrom and it’s two lights to light everyone up (without it, it would have been a flat photo) and to add a little sparkle to everyone’s eyes.


For the individual shots, I used just one light and umbrella, and my Nikon 105mm f/1.4 lens, which just came out. For the groups shots, I used my 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikon lens. In an attempt to not spend all afternoon taking pictures, I just shot a few photos of each individual and group. I like to offer a few options for my clients to choose from. Maybe the individual facing right, then left or a different pose or something. I also try to try a couple different apertures.

Back in the studio, using Adobe Lightroom, I softened everyone’s faces, whitened eyes and teeth, where needed.

It was a busy couple of hours shooting (and a couple hours editing), but we got lots of great shots! The team at Spring Creek Dental was great to work with, and very cooperative and patience!

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