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Website redesign for Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

Problems with the previous website:

The guys at Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting contacted me with a few requirements for their website redesign:

  1. a website redesign
  2. better navigation for their visitors
  3. easier administration for themselves

previous home page for Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

From the visitor’s perspective, I found their previous website a little weird in terms of design, usability, and navigation.

No Logo:
Except for on their home page, there was no logo on their website, until you scrolled-down, then it appeared.

No Call-To-Action:
Also, there was no Call to Action on their home page. No section or banner that said ‘Contact us here’.

Buried Videos:
They had lots of great ski boot videos, but they were a little buried.

Confusing Admin:
I logged-in to the back-end of their WordPress website and noticed it was difficult to figure-out. For example, it wasn’t clear how to add products. They didn’t have a true ‘shopping cart’ plug-in. I was already a little familiar with WooCommerce (an e-commerce plug-in for WordPress), so I made a note of this problem.

Digging deeper into the back-end, I noticed they were using a page builder system that I wasn’t familiar with, which isn’t surprising as I’m sure there are dozens out there, but in the WordPress circles I’m a part of there are just a few that seem to be most popular, and what they were using wasn’t one I had heard of. Regardless, the page builder plug-in they were using, I found overwhelming. (problem #2)

Solutions Implemented:

website redesign of Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

Better Website Design:

I created a website redesign that included:

  • logo in the header that was always visible
  • banners on the home page that all contained Call-to-Actions so visitors could click on an obvious button to schedule an appointment or contact someone
  • a section that talks about what the company is and does
  • a section promoting a featured video
  • a section for their 3 most recent blog posts
  • a much faster and obvious way to add products
  • a much easier to use page building system with drag-and-drop features
  • and of course everything is mobile-friendly


If you’re going to sell products in your WordPress website, in my opinion, WooCommerce is really the only e-commerce plug-in to use. I’ve used a few other e-commerce plug-ins for WordPress and WooCommerce is the best. It’s not perfect and it’s not for everyone, but it’s the best of what’s out there. It’s also free, which is nice. To add a product in WooCommerce, you simple mouse-over Products on the left and click on Add New. It couldn’t be easier. As simple a solution as this was, it was a big step forward to the guys at Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting.

From the visitor’s perspective, they could view boots, prices, reviews

Beaver Builder:

At the time the guys at Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting contacted me, I was researching and testing a WordPress website building system called Beaver Builder. I was far enough along in my testing that I felt confident in building their new website in it. Being more of a designer and less of a programmer, I’m frequently looking-out for systems that help me build websites with less coding from me. Beaver Builder is easier to use than the page builder the guys at Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting were using. A lot easier, in my opinion.

Owner of Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting had this to say:

“I couldn’t be happier, you have changed my business and I want to thank you.”

website redesign rocky mountain boot fitting compliment


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