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New Website Design for Medical Group Elevation Medical, Inc.

new website design for medical company - Elevation Medical, Inc.

A long-time client of mine, Tony and Anita Kilgore of PerfectSanta.com, referred Elevation Medical, Inc. to me. The Kilgores have been a client of mine since 2005!

New Website Design Meeting:

As with any new website design project, I like to sit down with my client to learn what they need their new website to do. I also like to fine out what they want the new website to look like and what features they require.

Elevation Medical, Inc. just had a new logo designed. This was great because that’s where I like to start when building a new website. I think it’s important to incorporate colors from a logo into each website design I build.

I also try to put myself in my clients customers shoes in an attempt to learn what they want out of a website.

I try to keep an ear open for potential problems to solve. A client may not come right out and state they have Problem X or need Solution Y, so I try to listen for these.

Website Design Mock-ups:

Our initial meeting went great! We discussed all of the above and their budget. From there, I went to work building a few mock-ups for them. I produced 3 website design ideas for them to choose from. Within each of those, I showed them a home page design idea and a subsequent page design. In addition to those, I produced a couple mock-ups that showed how their home page would look on a mobile tablet, such as an iPad:

website design mock-ups for medical company Elevation Medical, Inc.

Color Swatch:

As part of my website design process, I like to produce a color swatch based upon colors from their logo. From this color swatch, I can access colors from it to incorporate into various sections of the website design, such as the menu or footer background colors.

color swatch for Elevation Medical, Inc.

From there, the folks at Elevation Medical, Inc. picked their favorite design. After a few minor changes, I proceeded to build their new website. Check it out at ElevationMedicalinc.com

I had a great time working with the fine folks at Elevation Medical, Inc. I continue to work with them on updating their new website with images, copy, and other changes.

Thank you, Elevation Medical!

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