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Corporate Portraiture for Heliograph Communications, Inc.

corporate portraiture for Johannah of Heliograph Communications, Inc.

The Corporate Portraiture Requirements:

Johannah Knudson, of Heliograph Communications, Inc., recently hired me for her corporate portraiture. Her then current photos were outdated and didn’t truly capture who she is. Before our first photo session, she said she wanted a “professional yet approachable” look.

The Photo Locations:

In addition to the photos having a professional yet approachable look to them, Johannah also said she liked the idea I offered of them being shot outside at a park or in Old Town Fort Collins. We visited 2 parks, one close to her house and another overlooking Horsetooth Reservoir, and Old Town and we got lots of photos for her to choose from.

Although I’ve lived in Fort Collins since 1997 and was familiar with 2 of the locations we picked, I still wanted to scout around at each location to find the exact spots where I wanted her to sit or stand because I didn’t want to waste her time come time to shoot. All the while staying open to her ideas for exact spots.

The Photos:

While shooting Johannah’s portraits, I wanted to give her a variety of photos to choose from. I brought a ladder with me so I could get slightly above her for some shots. For others, I had her stand on a bench and I sat on the ground. Sometimes I shot her up close or farther away, portrait or landscape, etc.

Photography Equipment Used:

For portraiture, I prefer to use Nikon’s 105mm f/1.4 lens. It’s incredibly sharp and lighter in weight compared to the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, which is what most portrait photographers use. The 105mm length allows me to get far enough away from my subject so they don’t feel like I’m encroaching on their personal space, but not so far that we can’t talk.

For lighting, sometimes I used natural light, but often I used my speedlight inside of a softbox. A speedlight and softbox can brighten my subject and help them to stand-out.

Johannah had this to say when I delivered her photos to her:

johannah's corporate portraiture comments

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