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Website Upgrade for Core Fitness and Nutrition

website upgrade for Core Fitness and Nutrition

Dennis, of Core Fitness and Nutrition, has been a client of mine since 2009, when I designed his first website and his logo. His website has undergone a few redesigns and upgrades since then. Recently, a couple plug-ins in his WordPress website weren’t playing nicely together.

The Problem:

Anyone who’s had a WordPress website knows about plug-ins and that it takes at least a few plug-ins to have a functioning website. Often, most of those plug-ins are written by different developers. Most of the time, that’s OK, and most of the time, plug-ins play nicely together. Sometimes, however, two plug-ins conflict with each other. That was the case recently with Dennis’ website this year – a popular video player plug-in and a testimonials plug-in weren’t playing nicely together.

Now, I’ve been building WordPress websites for several years and I have a virtual toolbox of my favorite plug-ins. Those plug-ins are very popular, well supported and are seasoned. Still, developers don’t always talk to each other when they’re releasing an update to their plug-in. I was getting support from the developer of one of the plug-ins that was causing the problem, but the problem remained, so I researched alternative solutions.

The Requirements:

  1. Two blogs (Blogs and Success Stories), each with their own styling
  2. Testimonials that can be displayed on the home page in a slideshow fashion
  3. Testimonials in slideshow linked to their own page
  4. Re-order testimonials in slideshow and on Success Stories page
  5. Easily insert a video for any testimonial

The Solution:

Instead of replacing the testimonials plug-in with a different one, I decided to build my own, so-to-speak, with the help of Custom Posts Type UI. For the rest of the requirements, enter Beaver Builder. With Beaver Builder, I was able to style the Blogs page and Success Stories page differently, control how the testimonials are displayed on the home page, and easily insert videos into testimonials.

Bonus website upgrade features include:

  1. Sticky header: header stays at top of website when visitor scrolls down
  2. Greater admin control and flexibility: Dennis or myself can more easily make design or layout changes to the new website

The Result:

  1. More mobile friendly (e.g. compact mobile menu)
  2. More streamlined (fewer steps required by Dennis)
  3. More search engine friendly (e.g. slider text shows on mobile)
  4. Easier to use and navigate for both Dennis and visitors

I really appreciate Dennis trusting me with his website for all these years. He’s great to work with and an all around good fella. We regularly meet-up for breakfast or lunch.

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