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Logo Redesign for Heliograph Communications, Inc.

logo redesign for Heliograph Communications, Inc.

Johannah Knudson recently asked me for a logo redesign for her writing, editing, coaching business – Heliograph Communications, Inc. Johannah is an amazing writing, content creator, and person. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her on, not only her logo redesign, but also her corporate portraiture, and new website.

Logo Redesign Requirements:

As with every logo redesign project, I asked Johannah what her requirements were.

1. Use same colors as previous logo

Keeping the same colors is one way to let existing customers know that, when they see the new logo, it’s the same company and person, just a new look.

2. Modern social media style

Social media icons/logos, such as Twitter and Pinterest, are wonderfully simple designs. They need to be, as sometimes they are being viewed on small devices, such as smart phones.

3. Simple design

I love it when a client says ‘simple design’. To me, a good logo is incredibly simple. Too many businesses today say they want a logo then describe an illustration to me.

Logo Redesigns:

Before I started, I researched what a ‘heliograph’ is:

1. he·li·o·graph
a signaling device by which sunlight is reflected in flashes from a movable mirror.

When I read “sunlight reflected from a mirror” in the above definition, and saw photos and illustrations on-line, I immediately thought of the H in Heliograph: the horizontal stroke in the H is light being reflected from the left vertical stroke to the right vertical stroke.

Of course I offered a few other logo redesigns to consider, but we both agreed that this simple H design was perfect.

Final Logo Redesign:

The H can be used by itself, such as on social media:

square logo redesign for Heliograph Communications, Inc.

It can also be incorporated into the business name:

long logo redesign for Heliograph Communications, Inc.

From Johannah’s website:

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