About Trent Studios


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Cameron Trent Way. I am the owner and founded of Trent Studios, LLC.

I’ve always been interested in art and design. My mother used to draw with me as a child. In high school, I sold my first painting and won an award for another one.

I’m originally from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Although, I feel like I have one foot in Nebraska since that’s where I went to Junior High and High School (Lodgepole, NE). My parents are also from Lodgepole. In fact, we all went to the same school. There’s a photo of every graduating class there – my graduating class, my brother’s, my father’s, and my mother’s. Kind of cool.

I graduated in 1992 from a private graphic design school in Arizona. Website design was not a course taught yet as the internet was too new. I taught myself how to build a website while working for the 24th Street Group (primarily a photography studio) by visiting other websites, copying the source code, downloading the referenced graphics, pasting the code into something like NotePad, then making changes to the code and seeing what happened in a browser. It was very exciting and rewarding. A lot of trial and error. While in Arizona, I worked for American Color as a pre-pressman. It was my job to make sure the piece the designer built was going to print properly. Often, I had to rebuild a brochure or magazine or booklet because the designer didn’t save the photos in the right color mode or format, for example.

I moved back to Colorado in 1997 (just in time for the flood) and started Trent Studios. It was really slow getting started on my own. I inquired about advertising on the FortCollins.com website. The owners of the site (ProjectWorx) asked me if I would be interested in working for them directly, so I got a job at Project Worx as their graphic designer/website designer. In 1999, I left ProjectWorx to work solely on my own. When I left ProjectWorx, some of the customers I worked with, sought me out.


Today, my focus is on photography and website design. I use the WordPress content management system. In my extensive research, I’ve found WordPress the best blogging platform/content management system. It is the most supported and most used.

I also offer Managed WordPress Hosting and search engine optimization.

The studio is located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

On a more personal note:

Aside from graphic design and photography, other interests of mine include mountain biking, hiking, camping, and woodworking. I built an oak bookcase for my wife’s cook books. I also built my desk.

I’m married to my best friend – Lori. She’s also an amazing cook and very smart. She’s a registered dietician, and, although she won’t admit, I swear she used to be a super model. 🙂

Cameron and Lori Way

With hardly any research at all, I am determining my cat Peanut the best little buddy ever.

Peanut my cat