Corporate Portraiture for Heliograph Communications, Inc.

The Corporate Portraiture Requirements: Johannah Knudson, of Heliograph Communications, Inc., recently hired me for her corporate portraiture. Her then current photos were outdated and didn’t truly capture who she is. Before our first photo session, she said she wanted a “professional yet approachable” look. The Photo Locations: In addition to the photos having a professional…

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New Website Design for Medical Group Elevation Medical, Inc.

A long-time client of mine, Tony and Anita Kilgore of, referred Elevation Medical, Inc. to me. The Kilgores have been a client of mine since 2005! New Website Design Meeting: As with any new website design project, I like to sit down with my client to learn what they need their new website to…

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4 Reasons Why I Quit the Better Business Bureau

I’ll get to why I quit the Better Business Bureau in a moment (skip ahead if you like). But first: Why I signed-up with the Better Business Bureau I suppose I should briefly explain why I signed-up with the Better Business Bureau in the first place. I signed-up in the fall of 2012. I thought…

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Website redesign for Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

website redesign for Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting

Problems with the previous website: The guys at Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting contacted me with a few requirements for their website redesign: a website redesign better navigation for their visitors easier administration for themselves From the visitor’s perspective, I found their previous website a little weird in terms of design, usability, and navigation. No Logo:…

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Corporate portraits with Spring Creek Dental a Success!

corporate portraits spring creek dental

I had a great time last month with the awesome folks at Spring Creek Dental taking their corporate portraits. I’ve been trusting them for my dental care for a few years, now. This year, they were trusting me to take their corporate portraits. The Problem & Solution: One of the doctors there showed me a…

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A simple way to see if an email is spam

Here’s how you can check to see if an email you got is spam or not, if it got through your spam filter. I got this email the other day. Right off the bat I noticed it looks funny – there’s no punctuation in the first sentence, and it’s not even a complete sentence! That’s…

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Logo Design for Local Dumpster Rental Company

dumpster rental business logo

America’s Roll-off Service initially came to me needing a website. While talking about their new website, I learned they didn’t have a logo, either. I typically like to design a website around a company’s logo, but since they didn’t have a logo, and they wanted a website immediately, I saved the logo for later. The…

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New Website for local Dumpster Rental Company

The Company: America’s Roll-off Service, a dumpster rental company in Johnstown, Colorado, contacted me recently needing a website for their new business. Their business was well underway and they knew they needed a mobile-friendly website in order to compete in today’s digital and mobile world. They also needed their new website immediately. We met once…

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Affordable Website Redesign for Local Band

tribu2 website redesign

Previous website was: Not mobile-friendly Not flexible (took too much to add features or sections) Outdated coding (HTML tables) Not search engine friendly (too much javascript in header) New website is: Mobile-responsive Flexible Coding with modern HTML5, CSS3 standards Search engine friendly TribU2 is a U2 tribute band in Fort Collins. I’ve been hosting their…

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2015 Laramie Enduro Photos

2015 laramie enduro photos

2015 Laramie Enduro photos are up on my photography website at Although I’ve ridden parts of the Laramie Enduro course, I’ve never ridden the entire course all at once. That’s just self abuse! I congratulate anyone who attempts to ride the entire course. To refresh my memory of the course, Friday afternoon I rode…

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