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Why you should collect reviews on your own website

Trent Studios reviews by Google

Between various business review websites and social media websites hiding certain reviews of your business, and the fact that anyone can write a review (whether you actually did business with them or not) of your business, I thought I would share a few reasons why you should collect reviews on your own website, instead of…

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11 Residential Real Estate Photography Tips

I was recently asked to photograph a condo that would soon be on the market in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Below are my 11 tips for residential real estate photography. 1. Walk Through: A walk around the inside and outside of the home, preferably with the realtor and a notepad, helps you get a…

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4 Reasons Why I Quit the Better Business Bureau

I’ll get to why I quit the Better Business Bureau in a moment (skip ahead if you like). But first: Why I signed-up with the Better Business Bureau I suppose I should briefly explain why I signed-up with the Better Business Bureau in the first place. I signed-up in the fall of 2012. I thought…

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A simple way to see if an email is spam

Here’s how you can check to see if an email you got is spam or not, if it got through your spam filter. I got this email the other day. Right off the bat I noticed it looks funny – there’s no punctuation in the first sentence, and it’s not even a complete sentence! That’s…

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2015 Laramie Enduro Photos

2015 laramie enduro photos

2015 Laramie Enduro photos are up on my photography website at Although I’ve ridden parts of the Laramie Enduro course, I’ve never ridden the entire course all at once. That’s just self abuse! I congratulate anyone who attempts to ride the entire course. To refresh my memory of the course, Friday afternoon I rode…

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2015 40 in the Fort Photos are up!

2015 40 in the Fort photos

This past Saturday (June 27th, 2015), Overland Mountain Bike Club held their annual ‘40 in the Fort‘ mountain bike race. It’s a grueling 20 mile route in Lory State Park and Horsetooth Mountain Park that you ride twice. This year they offered a 1-lap option. Saturday morning at 6am, I hiked up the mountain in…

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4 Key Points of a Good Website Design

1. Professional Design It’s about trust. If the website design doesn’t look professional, visitors will leave because they don’t trust the business or the people behind it. Versus, if the design looks professional, and they feel they’ve landed on the correct website, they will proceed further into the website to get what they want. What…

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BigCommerce Review – My First Impressions

BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce is one of the more popular e-commerce shopping cart systems out there. It seems to come with a lot of the common bells and whistles you would expect from an e-commerce system. I thought I’d try their free 14-day trial and have a quick look. Below is what I found. What impressed me most: Implement…

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Shopify e-Commerce Platform First Impressions

There’s no shortage of e-commerce systems, these days. I was asked recently to review one of the more popular ones – Shopify. I visited and noticed they offered a free, 14-day trial. Now, i’ve never used Shopify. I’ve been using the Miva Merchant e-commerce system for years, since 2000, and I really like it. In…

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