Printing web graphics

Q. Why do graphics I download from the web look so bad? A. It has to do with the resolution, or number of dots in a square inch, the graphics have. Graphics for websites aren’t made to be printed. They’re made to be viewed on a computer screen or monitor. Web graphics are traditionally 72…

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What is S.E.O. ( Search Engine Optimization )

When you go to a search engine, such as google.com and search for something, you are not really searching the web. You are searching their copy of the web. Google, and other search engines, make a copy of the internet and store it in their database. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is making the website as…

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What is bandwidth?

Imagine bandwidth as being different sizes of garden hoses. Size 2 is larger than size 1. Size 3 is larger than size 2. You have size 1. Now think of visitors to your website (traffic) as being an amount of water coming through the garden hose. Size 1 garden hose can handle so much water…

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