My Logo Design Process

Below is a quick outline of my logo design process.

1. Business Background:

First I like to get to know you and your business, and learn what your style and personality is. I want to design a logo that you will love for years, but also one that’s appropriate for your business. The logo needs to convey the right message(s). Maybe you want to convey movement or strength. For some businesses, a fun and whimsical logo might be a good match. For others, a more serious and rigid logo would be a better fit.

2. Expectations:

I want to find out what you are expecting from your logo and from me. I offer original logo designs. I do not copy other designers work. Nor do I use clip art. When I’m done with your logo you will get a few different versions of the chosen design for print and web use.

3. Your Ideas or Mine:

I like to see if you have any ideas you would like me to work with or consider. Some folks know exactly what they want, some don’t. Loveland Veterinary Housecall Practice knew exactly what she wanted. She gave me a photo, I gave her a couple versions to choose from, then the final logo. Or I can work on some original designs.

4. Budget:

If possible, I like to know what your budget is or price limit.: Most of the time I can work with whatever your budget is. Once I learn about your business, what your expectations are, etc. I can also provide an estimate. I do ask for a 50{203d4bdc111aea6f0f23a362131d928e2f38c09b74a12c678c91995edcd3bff8} deposit to get started, then another 25{203d4bdc111aea6f0f23a362131d928e2f38c09b74a12c678c91995edcd3bff8} once a rough draft is chosen, then the balance upon completion.

5. Competition:

If the budget allows, I like to see who your competition is and what they’re doing – not to copy them or get ideas from them, but to avoid designing a logo for you that looks too similar to theirs. I strive to be original. I don’t ever use stock artwork or clip art for logos.

6. Logo Shape:

The shape of a logo is very important because people see the shape of a logo first. When people are asked to describe a company’s logo, most of the time they start with the logo’s shape. The best logos have the simplest shapes – the Chevrolet bow tie, the Nike swoosh, Apple, to name just a few. The simpler the logo, the easier it will be for your customers, and potential customers, to remember.


7. Color:

Color is also important. Colors imply emotion and feeling. I keep this in mind. Color is next. I like to find out what your favorite (and least favorite) color is. I do, however, keep in mind that certain colors work better for certain businesses. At a minimum, your logo must look good in black and white.

8. Sketches:

Typically I’ll start with quick pencil on paper sketches. If one of those is speaking to you, the next step is more finalized pencil sketches of the chosen design. Then I go to the computer for rough, digital mock-ups and variations. Then I finish the one logo winner, which will include the name of the font(s), color values (CMYK, RGB, and Web). I will send you both web and print versions of your logo in jpg and pdf.

America's Roll-Off Service logo sketches


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If I can design your logo, let me know.